Find The Odd Thing About This Image of a Family Sitting Down for Dinner Together

Sometimes our bodies tell us things our mind is slow to pick up on. For example, have you ever felt like “something is off” when you look at someone or examine a scene? Before we can consciously identify the odd element, our subconscious can sometimes be way ahead of us. But, there are ways we can train our conscious minds to catch up a bit faster, by using brain exercises. Take this visual puzzle for example.

Not many folks can spot the mistake, so feel free to ask your friends and family if you need help. Okay, are you ready? Take a close look.

On the surface, it just looks like a normal family having a delicious dinner together.

The picture features what looks like a mom, dad, grandmother, and two ids enjoying a pasta and meat dish.

There is a roaring fireplace behind them, a partially curtained window, a bookshelf, a plant, and other items you might expect to see in a dining room.

Looking at this picture might even make you a bit hungry, but don’t let that savory-looking meal distract you. There’s something very wrong here.

Have you spotted the mistake yet, check the details out very carefully.

If you think you found the error, great job!

You are one of just a handful of folks who find it without checking the answer below.

But, if you’re still struggling to find it, here’s a tiny clue, pay more attention to what’s going on closer to the bottom of theimage and maybe you’ll see the error right away.

If you’re ready to confirm your suspicions, take a look at the image below to see the correct answer.


Was that what you saw? Please be sure to pass this puzzle on to your friends and family and see if they can catch this as well.