She Gave Up An Organ To Save Her Famous Husband

We sometimes don’t know everything that goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood. There are many families in Hollywood that sometimes have things going on in the background that really show the type of people they are.

That includes the woman that we have in the story below. She was married to one of the more famous comedians in Hollywood and has three children. Unfortunately, she and her husband are no longer together but they still get along after the split.

The television star that we are speaking of is George Lopez, who starred in The George Lopez Show for a number of years. His wife at the time, Mayan Lopez had a lot of love for him and she showed it in a special way.

Mayan Lopez realized that George was very sick and the couple went to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for a very special operation. Because of the seriousness and his fame at the time, he was admitted under the false name of Tom Ace.

Lopez had to go through surgery and it was an emergency because his kidneys had shut down. His wife at the time, Ann, was the perfect match for his kidney and she didn’t think twice about giving him one. She knew that it would save his life but he was worried he would not live through the ordeal.

His wife told him that everything would be fine and they were taken in secrecy to the operating rooms so the surgical teams could do the job. The surgery was successful and his wife didn’t even notice that she was functioning with only one kidney.

Both of them recovered and his body did not reject the kidney. Within three weeks he was out playing golf and his wife said it was amazing to help another human being in this way.

Ann became a hero and said that it was actually an easy decision. Unfortunately, after 17 years together, they decided to put everything behind them and get a divorce. It was finalized in July 2011.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, George admitted that he had cheated on his wife while they were married. When his daughter asked his wife why they got divorced, she said: “Your dad didn’t realize you have to stop dating when you get married and stop dating other people when you get married.”


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About a year after, she posted a video on TikTok that showed her twerking. The caption read: “He cheated. She divorced him. We kept almost everything.”


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Lopez appeared on The View in 2023 and talked about the Lopez versus Lopez show. It’s where he stars with his daughter and is based on his real-life story.

He admitted that he didn’t want to go into detail what his personal life because his family fell apart due to his mistakes. He knew that he needed to be accountable for his actions.


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He also hurt his daughter when he broke up with her mother. They had gone to therapy together, something that he considered difficult and awkward.

Despite what happened between George and his wife, they still continue to be close. They even admit that they still love each other, which is a beautiful thing.