Kim Kardashian Is Being Roasted By Fans For Her Dive Picture Into Shallow Water

Vacations are an enjoyable part of life and even if you aren’t able to go on vacation personally, you can sometimes live through the vacations of others.

Many people do this by watching the Kardashians on vacation. Even Kim Kardashian admitted that they love vacationing, which was posted on Instagram along with the picture of herself, her sister Khloe, and a friend in bathing suits.

They made a trip recently to the Turks and Caicos where they enjoyed some fun in the sun. They also made quite a splash on social media because of a strange picture that they posted. People just couldn’t stop making fun of her diving attempt.

When the diving picture showed up online, people couldn’t stop talking about it. After all, she was diving in shallow water.

Plenty of people had something funny to say about the awkward picture and there were also some who were concerned about her health after the dive.

This included some who were worried about the possibility that she hit her head and many were just asking her why she was jumping.

Khloe was also somebody who commented, but she just said: “I can’t handle the hotness.”

Some people were also wondering if she had her hearing on, which referred to another vacation they had taken in 2011 during a Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode.

She was screaming about the possibility that she had lost her diamond earring and how she was going to cry. People were roasting her at that time because there are many people starving, yet she was too worried about her earring.

I’m sure that the Kardashians had a fun time on vacation and it’s always interesting to see their pictures. The funny thing is, even a picture that they are roasted for makes them more popular.