Fox News Host Roasted For His ‘Six Figures’ Wage Math

If you work for a living, then you probably have discussed the cost of living in recent years. It’s a hot topic and one that is hotly debated on social media as well as on the news.

Jesse Watters is a Fox News host who talked about the cost of living and he made a comment that has the Internet talking. It happened on a PBD podcast while he was promoting his new book.

He spoke about people who were working in the fast food industry and in particular, was discussing the wages. That is when he said: “If you’re making $20 an hour to work in a fast-food restaurant, is that six figures?” And people were wondering why he couldn’t do the math.

If you think the $20 an hour is a six-figure salary, then you really are out of touch with reality. The person who was interviewing, Patrick Betz-David came back and said: “No, no, $40,000 a year.”

Waters then said: “So, if your husband or wife is also there, you’re making $100,000 as a family. Both working at McDonald’s.”

“OK, that’s crazy. That is crazy. Because that job really doesn’t require much. So, it’s inflating the entire, you know, labor sector and the Happy Meal.”

The video went viral when it was posted on Twitter.

It didn’t take long before the commenters started doing the math for him. He claims that $20 an hour is the average salary for those who work in the fast food industry but the average salary is actually closer to $12. It also depends on where you live and the experience you have.

There has been some discussion about a floor for fast food workers, so that they are making at least $15 per hour. Again, this has been successful in some states and a few cities, but it has not been implemented on a countrywide basis.

Something else that Watters said is that he implied that people who work in the fast food industry make too much money. He said: “That job really doesn’t require much, that’s crazy!” That was in reference to fast food workers making $40,000 a year.

Working in a fast food restaurant is demanding and you are working in a stressful environment. Customers are coming and going constantly so it is not an easy job or one to look down on.

That isn’t even to mention the rude people who you might have to deal with daily. Just do a search on social media for videos of rude customers and you will find plenty to watch.

This is one of those debates that is going to continue but until it is resolved, if it is ever resolved. Until then, it’s going to be interesting to watch.