Can You Solve This Mystifying Riddle? Which Glass Has More Water?

Have you ever experienced an “aha moment”? It’s like one of those times when you’re working a crossword puzzle and suddenly the answer to a clue pops into your brain. It’s very satisfying and that is based in science. Whether you’re solving a crossword puzzle or sudoku, it feels good to get something right. Scientists have started taking a closer look at the science behind these little breakthroughs so that they can discover how the brain does what it does to solve problems. New York Times science editor David Corcoran says that people have been solving problems since the Stone Age.

Back then, mankind was inventing the wheel and discovering the uses of fire. These days, we’re learning how to code or simply solving puzzles. Research has shown a connection between being good at solving puzzles and the ability to solve math problems. Also, if you’re musically talented, you’re probably good at solving puzzles, too. In the photo below, which glass do you believe holds more water? Take your best guess. We’ll give you the solution on the next page.

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