Nike Kitten Heels Are The Ugliest Shoe Trend We Have Seen This Summer

We all realize that fashion trends come and go almost as fast as we can keep up with them. If you tried to have the latest fashion trend to wear out and about, it is likely that it is just going to be sitting in your closet for years once it fades away. Sometimes, fashion trends take us by surprise and we consider them to be so beautiful we just can’t live without them. That isn’t going to be the case, however, when you see this new trend in footwear.

If you are somebody who loves shoes, then you probably love to hate certain types of shoes. We all likely have a type of shoe that we would never be caught dead in. Where do you stand on the new trend of the Nike kitten heel? This may be popular in certain circles but quite honestly, I think we would all agree that we just want them to go away.

If you happen to have good taste and therefore, hate kitten heels, you are obviously a person of sophistication and high intelligence.

That being said, it seems as if the kitten heels are making their way back into our closets once again. They are being paired with the Nike running shoe and the conglomeration is an abomination.

Yes, it actually is a real thing.

Let’s delve a little deeper into this fashion faux pas.

You might want to check out this style before we get started!

If you aren’t disturbed by now, I’m not quite sure what would get you to that point.

Ancuta Sarca is the person who is behind the upcycling of Nike running shoes and putting them together with kitten heels. She says:

“I wanted to place to trainers in a different landscape and giving them a completely new function – elegant and feminine by pushing the boundaries of what they can become,”

I have to admit that I am definitely slanted in the negative on the shoes but then again, you may love them.

They are a style that is unique, to say the least.

How about some ruby red slippers?

Look at these!

Sometimes you just need to be bold when you are making a fashion statement. Fluorescent colors are a great way to do it.

Sarca explains;

“What also really attracts me is the idea of fake glamour or elegance made out of trash and making sexy/chic things out of something that’s the opposite of that — like [my] black and orange heels made out of flip-flops.”

Here she is on the right, just in case you want to send her a card.

She looks great! I’m not a fan of the shoes but I think her style is spot on.

You may not be wearing these to the office but then again, you might just have to add them to your shoe collection.

Just do your part to make sure that they stay in the closet.

Source: Go Social