Cat Keeps His Little Friend Safe When It Is Storming Outside

Having one cat in the home can be a little hectic at times but if you have 2 cats and they happen to be rambunctious, it can get out of control quickly. Anybody who has multiple pets and those animals have the run of the household is going to experience this from time to time. Emma Patricia’s house is no different. Her cats love to play and they take advantage of the opportunity to play all day long. It is rarely quiet in their home, but those cats, Norman and Noah realize that they are loved.

Anybody who has a pet has a story that goes behind how they came into their life. At times, it seems as if they were able to join our life at the perfect time and they made such a difference in our lives that we would never have it any other way. Perhaps Emma Patricia felt similar when Noah came into her life. She explained the situation this way: “My little sister actually found Noah when she was on a canoe trip. He was down on the riverbed and I came and got him and he never left,” Patricia told The Dodo. “They are brothers and very much act like it.”

Norman has taken on the responsibility of caring for Noah ever since he came into the family. Patricia says that they are close to each other and if you find one, you will likely find the other.

Things were fairly quiet on a Saturday afternoon when Patricia was sitting down eating breakfast and reading a book. It started to storm and when she looked out the window, she saw her 2 cats enjoying a moment of brotherly affection.

They had been wrestling on the floor not that long ago but now they were sitting and it seemed as if Norman was comforting Noah.

“The boys love to sit and watch the rain in the window,” Patricia said. “I didn’t think anything of it but then I looked over a few minutes later, and Norman had his arm around Noah and they were just sitting there like that watching the storm.”

After taking a picture and posting it to Twitter, it went viral very quickly. It was a moment that made so many people smile.

It isn’t unusual for Norman and Noah to show this kind of love to each other. That was the first time, however, that she had ever seen that level of affection. “They will hug each other like that to groom one another,” Patricia said. “But to just sit like little thunder buddies that way – never!”