People Are Losing It Over The New Trailer For Disney’s ‘Dumbo’

We have certainly seen our fair share of touching moments from Disney. From the time that we are young, Disney movies have a way of touching our heart and bringing out emotions that we might not even know were humanly possible. Some people grew up in the generation with Bambi, Snow White, and Cinderella. Others grew up in the next generation, but the stories were just as touching. It seems as if Disney is now at it again and they have put together something that is sure to invoke all of the emotions that are imaginable.

Many people remember watching Dumbo when they were a child and it certainly is a story that touches the heart. Disney has now come out with a live-action version of Dumbo, and it is everything that you could hope it would be. Those who remember the cartoon version may still be somewhat sad over some of the scenes in the movie but the emotional roller coaster that is sure to take part with this version is more than what most of us could expect:

A full-length trailer has been released for this new Disney classic and the emotions are already starting. There are many amazing stars that will appear in the movie, including Danny Devito, Michael Keaton, and Colin Farrell. There may also be a surprise with Timothy, the little buddy of Dumbo but that has yet to be seen.

This version by Tim Burton uses some rather phenomenal effect to allow Dumbo to fly. Farrell is the former star who has been hired to revive the circus and to oversee the elephant. His children are the first to see the unique ability that Dumbo possesses.

The clown makeup that Dumbo wears is enough to make your heart ache within you but when you hear the music in the trailer, “Baby Mine,” our hearts just ache even more.

The Internet certainly has feelings when it comes to this trailer. Many people who have seen it are already convinced that they will have a difficulty sitting through the movie without crying.

You have a few months to pull your act together so you can sit through the movie without totally losing it. It will be out March 29, 2019

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