Michael J. Fox Bravely Struggles with Crippling Disease that Makes it Difficult to Even Walk at Age 61

Michael J. Fox is fondly remembered for his role as Marty McFly in the pop culture classic “Back to the Future” 80s franchise, as well as other memorable roles on TV shows such as “Family Ties,” “Spin City,” “Boston Legal,” and “Rescue Me.”

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His voice is unmistakable in his cool mannerisms and demeanor. During his glory years, Fox was that generation’s Fonz who seemed destined to join the likes of Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp on the path to superstardom.

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Sadly, due to crippling illness, Fox’s career never took that path, although he managed to put together a respectable body of work despite his struggles.

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Today at the age of 61, Fox struggles to do even the basic physical things we take for granted, like walking. In 2000, the actor disclosed that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991, which was why his career never went to the next level.

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He was only 29 years old when Fox learned he had the same disease that crippled great legends like Muhammed Ali and Richard Pryor.

Fox started to experience a decrease in his motor skills and speech. Today he often slurs his words, and one of his feet has become completely unresponsive to the point that he must drag it while walking.

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The actor may now be wheelchair-bound for the next few years. At a recent event, he was seen being assisted by several helpers as he was not able to move freely on his own.

The actor has since help raise $767 million to medical research to find a cure for  Parkinson’s disease over the last two decades

“When it comes to treatment, I communicate with people in an honest and open manner. When people ask me if I think there will be a treatment for Parkinson’s disease in my lifetime, I always respond by saying, “I’m 60 years old, and science is difficult.” So, no,’ “Fox admitted his guilt.

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Despite this, the actor insists that he’s content with his life:

“My outlook on life is generally positive. Both morbid thoughts and a fear of dying are not anything I experience. Absolutely not, “the famous person said.

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A friend close to Fox made a statement concerning that night, saying:

“It was heartbreaking. Michael’s bravery knows no bounds. But as the disease takes its toll on his body, even he is beginning to see that his battle is a losing one.” She continued to say that ‘Michael may be down, but he’s not out’.

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You can watch a video of the actor making a rare public appearance below.

Also, you can watch an interview with Michael J. Fox talking about his disease in the video below.

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