‘I Never Felt So Posh, So Alive…’: Dawn French Recounts the Time She Bathed in Sparkling Water

Dawn French joked how she “never felt so posh” after having to resort to using sparking water to bathe during an extended power outage in Cornwall.

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The legendary comedian was one of the thousands of people residing in the South West who were stranded without power following the aftermath of Storm Eunice back in February 2022.

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At one point, over 90,000 homes located in the West Country were without power after high winds rocked the region. While many houses had their power restored within hours, some were still without power for nearly a week.

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Dawn French posted about her situation on Twitter, telling fans that she had to resort to washing her face using sparkling water because that’s all she had left.

She said: “Our ‘leccy has been off for over 24 hrs now which also means no water (pump).

“I’ve just had a flannel wash in sparkling water (all we have in cupboard). Never felt so posh, so alive, so wasteful….”

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The government declared a major incident in Cornwall prior to Storm Eunice, as well as a red weather warning issued by the Met Office indicating the storm represented a threat to life.

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According to Western Power Distribution, the areas impacted the most by power cuts were Cornwall around Lanarth, Bossiney, Trevarrack, and Marazion.

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