250+ Amish Men Lift Barn With Bare Hands And Walk It To The New Location

We live in a world where it seems as if almost everything is automated. We use computers to do a lot of thinking for us and machinery to do a lot of physical work for us. Admittedly, there is something to be said about using the right tool for the right job and often, we are able to get things done that we wouldn’t have gotten done just a few decades ago. That being said, there is also something to be considered when it comes to manpower and the Amish know how to get it done.

This happened in Ohio during the late wintertime. It was Saturday, March 9 and the group came together at a local farm which was part of the Amish community in the local area. Over 250 Amish men were gathered together and they had a unified goal. Not only did the have the goal, but they were also going to achieve it.

The men had on traditional Amish clothing and hats and they were standing around a red barn. They were not just standing there to talk, they were actually going to lift the barn with their bare hands and move it to another area of the farm.

It began shortly after 9 AM when the men grabbed the underside of the barn and lifted it in one smooth motion. They then started walking the barn across the field at a steady pace to its new location, where they set it down gently.

The wives and children were watching everything going on and you are able to watch as well in this video:

According to the local news and the video, it took less than five minutes for the entire process to be completed. Since it was uploaded, it has been viewed over a million times and people are fascinated with how the Amish community comes together to get things done.

Most of the Amish communities will not allow the use of vehicles or technology and they don’t have contact with the outside world, aside from some small business dealings. It isn’t out of the ordinary to show up and help a neighbor move a barn and next year, it might be your barn that needs to be moved.

Facebook users have been busy leaving some funny comments, but everybody seems to be amazed at what they accomplished:

“This is what happens when a community comes together,” Jay Hardesty wrote.

“I can’t even get my family and friends to answer a text,” Jamie Miller joked

“The Amish do these things just to mess with Google Earth,” Jeffrey Lewitner said.

The Amish really don’t care about Google Earth or about what people think about their work, they just want to get things done.

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