New Cat Vaccine Is Being Developed To Stop Cat Allergies For Those Who Suffer

There are many people out there who love cats but they just aren’t able to be around them. Anytime they are near a cat, even if they are in a room where a cat was just a few minutes ago, they start to have a runny nose and watery, itchy eyes. It can be a real difficulty because those allergic reactions seem to be unstoppable and unless you take some type of medication or get out of the area, you are going to continue to suffer. It seems as if you will never be able to be around cats again if you have this type of allergy, but there is hope in the form of a new vaccine.

The ‘vaccine’ has been invented by scientists and it may just help to stop the allergic reaction that you experience when you are around our feline friends. To be more specific, it is the cat that receives the injection and it doesn’t help us to be less allergic, it stops them from producing the allergen that causes us to have an allergic reaction. I think most of us can do a little happy dance now that we know we will be crying tears of joy, rather than weeping tears of allergies. It’s wonderful to be around our feline friends without the stress of having those allergic reactions.

The scientists who discovered the vaccine are being praised for their research. It took place in the University Hospital Zürich, Switzerland. They published the study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Martin Bockman is one of the researchers behind the cat vaccine. He discusses the project in more detail: “We have been working on this project for more than five years. Cat allergy is a big problem and very hard on cat owners with an allergy. So our approach could have important implications.”

The vaccine will likely become available in 2022 but it’s difficult to pin down exactly when it will hit the market. “We can’t say an exact price at this point but it’s definitely going to be affordable for pet owners and in-line with other veterinary products.”

Bockman was asked about the sample size for testing and he said: “We feel the numbers and conclusions are sufficient to drive our investment in further development. This is also reflected by the fact that JACI the Nr 1 allergy journal, published our study. In 2020, more safety and efficacy testing studies will be initiated.”

He continued: “both the CEO and Chairman have cats. For what it’s worth the latter is allergic and vaccinated his animals and swears it works — not sure if we can eliminate his bias though.” He also hinted at the possibility that they may be working on a vaccine for dogs as well.

It’s fairly easy to understand the science behind the new vaccine. Cats produce Fel d 1, which is a protein that attaches itself to the skin and fur that is shed by the feline. Humans have an allergic reaction to that protein but the vaccine reduces how much is produced.

This is perhaps the clearest example of a win-win situation I have ever heard. Not only is it good news for humans who suffer from allergies, but it’s also good news for cats who will not be dropped off at the shelter because of the allergy.

Many of us may consider this to be a miracle cure but it is not exactly hitting the shelves within the next few months. Three years seems like a long wait but if you have allergies, the wait may be worth it.

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Source: Bored Panda