Dog Reacts Perfectly When Watching A Scary Movie

When it comes to watching a movie, we all have our own style. I know that there are some people that I won’t even watch a movie with because of the way they do it. For example, I have a friend that will start asking questions and complaining within a few minutes of the movie starting and I have another friend that will constantly tell you to watch something or to pay attention to a particular part. They enjoy the movie, but they enjoy it in their own way.

Sometimes, it is not only the way they watch the movie but it is also the type of movie they are watching. For example, if someone has an infectious laugh, it can be a real treat to watch a comedy with them. There is also another type of movie and our style might show that we are not as comfortable as we could be watching it. I’m talking about a scary movie and, even though we might love watching it, we might watch it through our fingers. I think you know what I mean.

Apparently, it is not only humans that have their own movie-watching style, but it is also dogs. My dog is perfectly happy curled up on the sofa sleeping while I’m watching a movie but in this video, you see something very different. It is also awesome because he is so anxious while watching a scary movie.

When I first watched this video, I cracked up so hard. The dog just can’t seem to stand what he is watching on the screen. It even gets better when the movie is getting closer to the end. Not only is the dog anxious, he can no longer watch the screen!

You can see the dog watching the scary movie in the following video:

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