You Probably Can’t Guess Which of These Men Is the Dumbest

If there’s one thing we can thank the inventors of the internet for, it’s the endless variety of things we can do online to either waste our time, enrich our lives, or make us smarter. I think most of us spend a little time doing all of these things, and I try to find an even balance. For example, I read a lot online, but I also watch a lot of dumb videos on YouTube. Even worse, I spent time commenting on them and making points that probably no one is ever going to read. However, I also love solving puzzles, and that brings us to the best thing about the internet.

Thanks to the internet, we can work on puzzles, which supposedly will help keep our minds sharp. Sometimes just thinking long and hard on something can be energizing and that’s a form of puzzle-solving. In the image below, there are four men in a tree. All but one of the men have saws and someone’s going to get hurt (they’re probably all going to get hurt). We won’t question what the heck is even going on. Let’s just focus on one thing: which one of these guys is the dumbest. Can you rank them in order of stupidity?

How did you do? Head over to the next page for the answer and the logic.

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