Very Few People Can Figure Out Exactly How Many Holes Are In This T-Shirt

When most of us think about taking tests, we think back to the time when we were in school. It doesn’t matter if it was a week ago or a decade ago, it can still give us the chills when we think about those stressful moments. After we are out of school for a while, however, we realize that life is full of tests and we are taking them on a constant basis. Some of them are going to be difficult and they will teach us lessons that will last for a lifetime. Other tests, however, are not all that hard and we may even enjoy trying them!

Some of the tests that are enjoyable and can even test your logic to a certain extent are found online. A great example of it is what you see below. It may seem simple when you first look at it but after a few moments, you will suddenly discover that it was a lot harder than you thought it first. After all, the vast majority of the people who try this particular quiz are going to end up failing. There are 2 problems that cause the issue. First of all, you don’t tend to think things out as much as you should when taking it. Secondly, once you see the answer, you can’t go back and correct your mistake.

Take a look at the following T-shirt and how many holes do you see?

Are you ready for the solution? I’m going to tell you below, but you have to be ready for the answer.

Just remember, you can’t un-see the answer once you see it!




There are 8 holes in the shirt!

The holes include the 4 in the middle (2 on the front, 2 in the back). It also includes the obvious neck, lower opening and 2 sleeves.

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