This Happy Family Is Hiding A Deep Secret. Can You Find It?

When we are looking at something that is right in front of us, we automatically assume that we are seeing what is there. We come to trust our eyesight over the course of time and it doesn’t take very long before we feel that it is the most important and perhaps the most accurate of all of our senses. After all, we sometimes hear things that are quite right and we may smell something that we can’t figure out but when we see something, we see it with our own two eyes and there is no reason for us to deny the fact that we are seeing it.

Then again, we also have to consider things such as optical illusions and sleight-of-hand. Although the human eye is amazing in its ability to detect what is in front of it, there are going to be times when it fools us in some way or another. Perhaps that is what makes the following pictures so interesting. When you first look at them, they appear to be one thing but when you begin looking a little closer, you discover that it is something else entirely.

Take a look at this first picture. It looks like a happy family but something isn’t quite right. Can you figure out what is wrong in the picture?

This is another challenge. There is something or perhaps maybe even numerous things that are wrong in this picture. Take a close look and then check the following page to see if you got them all.

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