These 6 Images All Have One Odd One Out. Can You Find It?

Working puzzles and problems has become more popular than ever, it seems. Now that society has the internet, there’s a seemingly endless array of puzzles out there for folks like me who enjoy working them. The reason we love puzzles so much is because human beings have brains that intuitively seek out challenges. Our minds thrive on working through challenges and when we get one correct, we get some feel-good chemicals released into our bloodstreams. That’s part of what makes being human interesting. Experts say that we’ve been solving puzzles since the beginning of mankind’s history on this planet.

Back in the caveman days, getting through daily life was full of challenges. These days, we’ve made things more simple, fortunately, so we have to find other ways to satisfy our craving for challenges and puzzles. Below, there are six images that have groupings of objects that look identical. However, in each of the images, there’s one odd one out. Can you find them? Do your best and take your time, but if you need help, you can go to the next page, where we’ll share the solutions. Good luck!

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 3

Puzzle 4

Puzzle 5

Puzzle 6

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