The First Thing That You Spot In This Image Reveals What Sort Of Mind Power You Posses

You don’t have to look very far to find something incredible in the world around us to marvel at. Perhaps you don’t even need to look outside of your own body, because the brain is considered by many to be the most complex thing in the universe. Scientists have marveled at the complexity of the brain and they really have only scratched the surface as far as understanding what is going on inside of our minds. That includes Roger W. Sperry, a psychobiologist and noble prize winner.

He discovered that the two hemispheres of the brain work together but they also work independently of each other. One side of the brain is typically dormant compared to the other and it will affect the way that you think. Because of all of the research that has gone into the two hemispheres of the brain, there may be some ways to determine your personality traits and your thought process. That includes this simple picture.

Take a look at the picture quickly and keep in mind exactly what you see first.

Now that you know which animal you saw in the picture first, take a look at what it means below.

A Tiger’s Head

If you saw the tiger first, it means that you have a brain that is more active on the left side. You tend to be anti-typical, organized and goal-oriented. When you have a problem, you look at it from an objective standpoint.

The problem is, you know that there is a lot of thought that goes into the decisions that you make so you tend to be very firm on those decisions. That is why it is a good idea to listen to the opinion of others and keep those opinions in mind as well.

Your personality traits:

Planned: You do things in a properly planned way, like in a to-do list.

Precise: You have clear, ear-marked goals and are clear about the path to be taken to achieve them.

Rational: Emotions and feelings do not get in the way of you achieving your goals.

Logical: You have an aptitude for math, science, and sequencing ideas.

Realistic: Your world is very real. In it, there is no place for fairy-tales and fiction. Similarly, however lofty your goals might seem to others, you know that they are realistic and achievable.

A Hanging Monkey

If you saw the monkey first, it means that you have an active right hemisphere in your brain. You are more of a creative individual that has ideas which may be a little out-of-the-box. If you have a problem in your way, you tend to use your intuition to get around it.

You learn lessons from everything you do in life and you use them to achieve your goals. You also look forward to the goal but you know that the journey is also something to consider. As a right hemisphere person, you tend to be a dreamer but you do need a reality check on occasion.

Your personality traits include:

Impulsive: You do things spontaneously. You have a knack for taking an out of the box approach.

Emotional: You care a lot about a lot many things. You spend time pondering and act based on feelings.

Creative and artistic: You are skilled at music, arts, and other creative disciplines.

Intuitive: You don’t make a to-do list and don’t go by the rulebook. You solve problems intuitively.

Dreamy: You have dreams for life rather than goals and you put effort toward achieving those dreams, often succeeding.

Even though the two hemispheres of the brain are isolated from each other, they also work together. You may possess certain traits that make you more one side or the other, but if you really stop to think about it, it is a combination of both sides that really make you what you are.

Source: Bright Side