Super Challenging Math Puzzle Has People Stumped. Can You Solve It?

Are you a person who doesn’t like math? As it turns out, it’s not so much that people “hate” math, but more that they either fear it or dread it. Some people had bad experiences with math when they were growing up, while others just got bored easily. I was a bored student, so I didn’t get into math. I was just interested in doing other things like playing video games and reading, I guess. However, as an adult, I’ve found that I’m not exactly horrible at math once I sit down and actually try to apply myself. In fact, I’ve started doing more math problems for fun. You know, the kind you see in online puzzles and quizzes.

This one for example. Can you solve this tricky math problem? I confess that I wasn’t able to solve this one. Hopefully, you’ll do better than I did. Do your best, but we’ll give you the solution on the next page.

How did you do? Click on through to find the solution.

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