Everyone Is Wondering If This Is A Beach Or A Car Door Optical Illusion

The human eye is one of the most impressive parts of the human body but it doesn’t often get the credit that it deserves. When you break it down, the eye is taking in information on a continual basis and as long as we have our eyes open, we are soaking in the world around us. All of that information is transferred to the brain, where it is processed and then our body reacts appropriately to whatever it is that we are seeing. The problem is, there may be times when our eye is taking in so much information that the brain can’t keep up with it and when that occurs, we have an optical illusion on our hand.

Sometimes, optical illusions are created in order to trick an individual into seeing something that isn’t actually there. At other times, they are created naturally in the world around us, typically through photography. The optical illusion that you see in the picture below is one that has been stumping people all around the Internet. Some people see a beautiful beach but other people see an old car door that needs repaired. Depending upon what you see, you may either be an artist or perhaps you could be a realist.

If you see a car door in the painting, you probably have a more practical mind. If you see both, you may have a mixture of creativity and practicality.

I hate to give it away, but it is actually a car door. If you aren’t able to see the beach scene, don’t feel bad because not everybody can see it.

It wasn’t long after the picture hit Twitter that it started going viral. Thousands of people have retweeted and many more have liked it and left comments. Those comments include the following:

Of course, this is only one of the many different optical illusions that we may run into on occasion. Here are a few others to consider.

Do you see a ship at sea or a skull in this image? It certainly does look as if it is people out on a nautical adventure, but many people also see a skull. If you look at it long enough, you can see both.

This really doesn’t look us if it is possible, unless you realize that the building was actually painted on the ground.

This is another optical illusion that looks as if she is levitating off the bed. In reality, the bed is on the wall and the camera has been turned sideways.

Does it look as if this woman is taking off her face? It is actually just some black paint on her face, but it gives that impression.

You may wonder how this is possible, but look at the image beside the Christmas tree for a clue.