Can You Guess Which Person in This Image Is Safest?

Are you a person who enjoys logic problems and puzzles? I am. I find the challenges interesting. One thing I’ve learned is that the more you solve puzzles, the better you get at them. It’s the same with anything you do. But does solving problems help you get better with logic? Maybe.
The thing is, the brain has evolved to learn how to take shortcuts. Brains cost a lot in terms of nutrients and calories, so human beings are hardwired to make specific types of mistakes. In short, things that make sense and sound right can actually still be wrong because we’re constantly evolving. That’s why optical illusions work.

We’ve learned over the years the types of mistakes that the brain can make, and we can trick our brains into making these mistakes. By the same token, we can teach our brains to recognize certain things, too. In the graphic below, you will see four men who are about to find themselves in trouble. The question is this: Who is the safest person in the photo? Think outside the box to figure it out.

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