Emily Ratajkowski Begs Comedian To Stop Mocking Her Photos In Hilarious Feud

If you spend any amount of time on social media, you will see somebody parading around in a bikini. They do it to get some exposure for themselves if you excuse the pun.

Emily Ratajkowski is just such an influencer, but she has a problem and she is doing something about it. Like many people, she has been the target of comedian Celesta Barber, who posts pictures on social media in similar poses.

The Australian comedian has made quite a name for herself as a social media personality. She regularly re-creates the posts of other celebrities, and Emily Ratajkowski is not very happy about it.

The 31-year-old influencer spoke out about what she was doing and told Barber to stop doing it.

Things got so uncomfortable between them that Ratajkowski blocked Barber in 2021 after she posted something about her swimwear campaign. The parody was captioned: “We are sick of you objectifying our bodies! Also, here’s my a**.”

Some of Barber’s fans were also not all that happy about the picture, saying that it was a type of internalized misogyny.

Ratajkowski has gone public and asked Barber to take down the pictures. She said: “This whole drama with Celeste has been blown out of proportion. In general, I find her to be really funny. But, [the] message I was trying to send to her was, ‘I just don’t want you to do this to me anymore.’

“[I want] to be able to do my thing, whether that be writing about my terrifying experiences in an industry that doesn’t protect women and young girls and femme-presenting people while also having a bathing suit line.”

Ratajkowski was upset at the time because she didn’t like other people using her image for their personal gain without her consent. She said that she wasn’t giving consent for the joke and it had just launched at the wrong time.

Although she claims not to have any ill feelings toward Barber, she does not necessarily appreciate her sense of humor.

She said: “We really love to pick on female influencers, like they are considered the trash, lamest, most cringe, most embarrassing people on the planet.

“I fundamentally find that to be sexist. Yeah, no s**t women want to be influencers – it’s one of the ways that women have learned to be successful and make money. They’re hustling.”