Your Sleeping Position Says More About You Than You Know

One of the things that most of us wish we had more of is sleep. Of course, there are other things we may want but sleep is just one of life’s pleasures that we don’t often get enough of in life. We might try to get a good night’s sleep, only to have it interrupted or perhaps we don’t have the time to get a good night’s sleep. We realize that sleeping is important for our health and wellbeing but did you know that the way you slept tells a lot about you?

Look at the images in this picture and choose your sleeping style. You can then see what type of person you are according to your choice. You will be surprised by how accurate this is.

1. If you stick your knees out while sleeping on your side you tend to be calm and reliable. You look to the future with a positive attitude and even if things are not going your way, you will face them with a smile.

2. Do you sleep in the fetal position? You then often look to others to give you some understanding and perhaps even some protection. Your sleeping position says you are trying to hide from your problems.

3. If you are typically on your stomach with your arms and legs out then you are a natural leader. This can be seen throughout your entire life and people look to you for direction. You also like things to be as they typically are and don’t do well with change.

4. Do you sleep on your back? You tend to live your life feeling positive and looking forward to what the future holds. You are also a good worker but you don’t step outside of the boundaries too often when working.

5. If you sleep at attention you tend to be well adjusted, strict, and sometimes, even a little demanding. This includes expecting great things from your own actions.

6. If you sleep with one leg raised they you tend to be unpredictable. This can work well when dealing with some people but it can also confuse others. You may have a hard time making a decision and you love when things are peaceful and quiet.