Young Man Leans Into The Mic And Covers The 1954 Song ‘Earth Angel’ Like A Boss

There are some songs that come and go very quickly and we might even forget they existed until we hear them many years later on the radio. Other songs, however, are so iconic that we can still sing along with them, decades after they were written.

One of those songs is from 1954, and it was popular then and still loved today. I’m talking about the song Earth Angel, and it is one that is always enjoyable to hear.

Even though it has been 70 years since that song was written, we have new life that has been given to the song, thanks to a talented young man named Elliot James Reay. Not only does he sing the song in a delightful way, he puts a new twist on it that really makes it come to life.

Elliott is dressed simply in a white T-shirt, much as you would expect from someone who was performing during that era. Even his slicked-back hair put you in mind of Elvis or Dean Martin.

As he settles into an area that is lit lightly in the background with twinkling lights, it sets the stage for one of the most enjoyable songs we have heard in a long time. As he begins to sing Earth Angel, we can’t help but enjoy it so much that we listen to it twice.

In the 1950s, Earth Angel became a hit, thanks to a band called The Penguins. People everywhere loved the song, and it is one that continues to be popular today.

Elliott performed the song in a beautiful way, putting a simple twist on it that made the video one that you are certain to love.

Settle in and enjoy this song, you are sure to love it.