Woman Swaps Work With Identical Twin So She Can Take Vacation But She Made One Mistake

Did you ever have a good idea and it turned out to be the worst idea you ever had? I think that all of us have experienced having a good idea backfire on us, but sometimes just hearing about it is entertainment.

One person who experienced such a difficulty was Ari Chance. She posts videos regularly on TikTok and she is also an identical twin, which is a combination that usually ends up with something entertaining.

Recently, she wanted to get away on vacation for a few days but she wasn’t able to get off work. That is why she decided to ask her twin, Noe for help. They decided to switch places, so her twin would go to work and she would go on vacation.

This seemed to be working fairly well until her boss found out that she was absent. It all took place because they saw the video on TikTok where the twins admitted to what they were doing.


WE MESSED UP 🥲🥲🥲🥲 @Chance Twins #fyp #twins #boss #work #greenscreen

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Many people who saw the video were surprised they were able to get away with it for as long as they did. In addition, there were many who were asking for an update.

In the updated videos shown above, you can see the email sent from the company, describing the plot as a slap in the face. It went on to say: “our actions not only reflect poorly on yourself but also tarnish the reputation of our company. This level of disregard for protocol and decorum is frankly shocking and will not be tolerated.”