Woman Horrified After Cutting Into and Looking Inside a Bra She Wore To Long

A woman complained about feeling itchy whenever she wore a specific bra until she cut it open one day and discovered the truth.

A woman from china recently shared her experience concerning one of her favorite bras. She said that the garment always made her feel itchy, and she even tried washing it several times, but the problem only got worse as a rash formed on her back.

At first, the itch only happened on skin that made direct contact with her bra, but soon it spread to her waist, face, chest, and legs, pretty much all over her body.

Pexels/Kristina Nor


The woman thought. First, she had to be allergic to something or something in her diet, causing this condition.

But it turned out that when she went to the hospital, doctors informed her the issue had to do with an item of clothing.

After returning home, she went to her underwear drawer and identified the culprit immediately.

Once she cut her bra open, she discovered that it was cultivating black mold!

The woman had purchased the garment four years ago, and since she liked it, she did not want to buy a newer one.

This story should serve as a cautionary tale for every woman. It’s always best to buy new bras regularly, especially if they start to cause an itch.

However, if you’re determined to treat a garment you suspect of having mold, the video below has a few suggestions you can try to get rid of the mold.

Also, please be sure to pass this story on to your friends and family.

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