Wild Mouse Can’t Stop Eating A Cannabis Plant

If you’ve ever done any farming, you know that there are some pests out there that will ruin your day. They will eat your crops and if you aren’t careful, they can even eat as much as you plant.

Most of us wouldn’t feel that way about a simple field mouse. They will eat a little bit but they won’t exactly ravish an entire crop on their own.

There are times, however, when a field mouse will do more than eat a plant, they will also provide some amusement at the same time. That is what somebody was experiencing when a tiny mouse got into their cannabis plants and decided to have a nibble.

It took place in New Brunswick, Canada, and cannabis is legal in that area. The mouse found its way into the plants and after eating, it passed out stoned.

The little rodent was noticed by Colin Solomon and it seemed as if he had developed quite a taste for the plant. He caught him eating his plants two days in a row and decided to take some pictures.

You can see the rodent lying in among the cannabis leaves completely passed out. He even put him in a cage to allow him to detox and eventually, he was able to act normally again. Six days later, he was out in the wild.

After posting this to Facebook, he got quite a lot of action on his story. He talked about how the rodent was there eating and then how he had to go to rehab.

It took a few days, but Solomon was able to share some good news with those who were following. The mouse was sober now and all people were absolutely thrilled to hear it.