Ungrateful Spoiled Son Pushes Brand New BMW Parents Bought As Birthday Gift Into River Because He Wanted A Jaguar

A delightful young man in India had one simple wish for his birthday. He only wanted a brand new Jaguar. But, instead, his parents got him a lowly BMW because the Jag he wanted was way more expensive. They figured their child would be happy owning a luxury car that most in his country could never afford, but boy did they called that one wrong.

It’s so sad.

So, the young man did what any reasonable spoiled brat would do if they were handed a cheaper luxury car for their birthday than the one they really wanted. He pushed his parents $50,000 budget birthday gift into a river. That should teach mom and dad their lesson, right? Maybe next time they’ll get it right and not make him have to exert himself so much to punish their irresponsible behavior!

For what it’s worth, the birthday boy in question, named Akash, immediately came to regret his decision. Apparently, there’s something quite sobering about watching 50 grand floating away down the river.

Fun Fact: The car was worth almost 50 times what India’s current per capita household income

This story is, indeed, one of the most epic rich kid temper tantrums in recent memory, especially considering how old the “kid” is in this case.

It’s one thing for an 11-year-old child to lose their mind over getting the wrong gaming system to go with his 100-inch 4K TV, Bose surrounds sound system, and $3,000 custom made gaming chair. It’s quite another for someone old enough to drive to figuratively fall out and scream like a child in the ball pit at Chucky E. Cheese. It just makes you wonder, what type of luxury is this guy used two? How many butlers has he fired for not wiping his put with a warm, slightly moist towelette?

This almost sounds like the beginning of a Disney movie where the protagonist gets magically turned into an adorable animated dung beetle and has to learn a lesson in humility and thankfulness while spontaneously bursting in song at awkward moments with his new insect friends (still working on the script).

Akash did jump into the river after his BMW, as we said, it had to be pretty sobering. Like, an “oh no, what did just do” type of moment. It’s unclear if his new car still works, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say that’s a no. It went pretty deep in the river. Also, does this brat really deserve a working car?

Let the little spoiled brat take the overcrowded city bus.