This Viral Video Asks Everyone To Put Down Their Phones And Look Up

We certainly do live in interesting times and it is difficult to look around without seeing someone on their cell phone, talking away to someone at a distant location. We consider it to be a social development, and it is even referred to as social media, but there is something that is working under the surface. In fact, many people consider the part of the Internet known as social media to be anything but social.

It has become such a problem that videos, such as this one, are attracting quite a bit of attention. In fact, this video has been viewed over 61 million times on YouTube and it is still growing! The video is about putting down your cell phone and looking out. Not only is it important for safety reasons, but there is so much you may be missing in the world right in front of your face.

Although technology is not likely to change anytime soon, there are some benefits to making changes on your own. Take some time to look up from your cell phone and appreciate what is going on in front of you. You might be surprised with what you see.

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