Twins Hug Each Other After Birth And The Doctors Capture The Special Moment On Camera

The birth of a baby is one of the happiest events that is going to occur in our lives. It is twice as happy, however, when twins are born. If you happen to be a friend or if you know twins, either in your family or your circle of friends, you realize that the bond between them can be very strong. What might also surprise you is the fact that there are more twins being born today according to some statistics.

One out of every 53 babies was a twin back in 1980. By 2009, it changed to 1/30 babies, in essence marking a 76% increase in the number of twins being born! Some of the reasons why twins may be born more frequently include fertility treatments, such as IVF. There are also many other facts about twins that you might find interesting. For example, 62% of all twins born have mothers who are over the age of 30 at the time of birth.

They also have the ability to develop a private language that only the two of them can understand. It is given the name of idioglossia or cryptophasia, the second of which means that the language is cryptic.

Dr. Rodgrigo da Rosa Filho from Brazil specializes as a fertility specialist and he knows about the cryptic bonds that exist between twins. He works at a clinic called Mater Prime, which is spread throughout Sao Paulo at multiple locations. He has seen his share of twin births during his time as a doctor.

He understands the incredible bond that exists between twins but he recently had the opportunity to share it with the world on Instagram. It is a short clip that shows newborn twins crying as they are lying on a table.

One of the most incredible things about this video is the fact that they stop crying because they make contact with each other. Perhaps we have had a sibling who has hugged us in the past but we may not have ever had it be so effective.

This is absolutely adorable and these twins were able to stop crying when they made contact. It may be because they have spent so much time together in the womb, but there is no definitive answer why it happened.

You can see this adorable video here and find out what they were able to share when they were first brought into the world:

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