Trophy Hubby With 3 Wives Explains Why He Doesn’t Have To Work

Many married individuals feel that it can sometimes be difficult to juggle things in a relationship. Even if things are good between a husband and wife, there can still be trouble that comes up from time to time.

Imagine being in a relationship where you are the husband and you have three wives. Nick Davis is that individual, and his wives are calling him a trophy husband.

When TLC put him on the show, Seeking Sister Wife, it wasn’t long before he had gained a lot of notoriety. His first wife, April, suggested that another woman be introduced into the relationship and he was happy to welcome Jennifer.

Things got even stranger when in 2022, Danielle was introduced to their family. Since that time, they have a child among the four of them and Nick has a teenager from a previous relationship.

There are a lot of people in this family so it is a lot of work to support them. April, Jennifer, and Danielle are all working professionals but Nick decided that he was better off staying at home.

In speaking of his situation, Nick said that he was similar to being the King on a chessboard. In his words, the king doesn’t move around much and the queens have all the power. Even his wives said that they prefer it that way, saying they make more than enough to supply for the family.

Not everybody can be in such a relationship, and polygamy is certainly not common. April, however, is glad to have a lot of help around and said that he is a lot to handle. This includes in bed.

Just in case you are curious, the women are in an intimate relationship with Nick and they are not in such a relationship with each other. They all sleep in the same bed, but they can go to separate areas of the home where they can be intimate.

Nick and Danielle got married in 2022 and he claims that having three wives is a dream come true. He said: “Having three wives, knowing that we’ve all solidified our union and brought it together like we have, it’s just unbelievable. I just feel like I’m just living a dream come true.”

Danielle also agreed and said she is as happy as she could be. Many other people are also happy, as they are regularly updated on Instagram as to how the family is doing.