Toby Keith Was A Good Father With Great Kids

It is still sometimes difficult to believe that Toby Keith is no longer with us. Of course, we still have his music but as of February 5, we no longer have the man.

Toby Keith was 62 years old when he died and although it was somewhat expected because of his battle with cancer, it still came as a shock to many. He was a good man, a great singer, and a family man.

Many people looked at his life with his wife, Tricia Lucas, and how they had been able to weather the storms of marriage over the years. They met in 1981, and were married by 1984.

His new wife already had a child from a previous relationship and they had a daughter together, Krystal, in 1985. Their son, Stelen, was born in 1997.

Keith was heavily involved in the oil industry and was a hard worker. When that industry started to go south, he took the opportunity to focus on his music. There were some lean times, but his wife was there to support him until his big break came in 1993.

That was the year when he had the song that went to the top of the charts, Should’ve Been a Cowboy. As he became more famous, Lucas continued to support him. She had always believed in his talent, and now it was coming to fruition.

He continued to grow in popularity with one hit song after another. He also launched a restaurant chain and a liquor line, showing just how hard-working he truly was.

By 2001, he won the Album of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards. He was also known as the Top Male Vocalist.

Despite the fact that he was raking in money hand over fist, he continued to focus on his family. He even admitted that it was hard for him to leave his children since his father died.

His three children were the apple of his eye and he kept his family very close. He said that he was raised by good parents but he had great kids. That includes Krystal, who is also a musician.

In June 2022, Keith announced his diagnosis of cancer. He had already undergone radiation and chemotherapy along with surgery. It was eventually what would take his life.

He tried to spend as many happy moments as he could with his family as the end approached. We hope that the memories of their father and husband will bring them all the comfort they need through this difficult time.