Time Yourself To See How Fast You Can Find The Odd Object In These Picture Puzzles

While it’s tempting to switch off your brain for some “mindless” fun, you can benefit more by engaging your brain in “mindful” fun. For example, solving puzzles provides a mental challenge while helping you relax. The trick is focusing on another problem while putting all your other concerns on the backburner for a while. If you think about it, puzzles of all types represent precursors to video games (which often center around solving problems).

Pixels/Liza Summer

Some of my favorite puzzles involve finding the odd character. Now, to get the most out of image puzzles, you first want to set up a timer. You can use a watch, your phone, or whatever you have on hand. Then once you start your timer, begin trying to find the object. Stop the timer once you’ve found it to see how long it took you.


Below are three pretty challenging image puzzles. Get your timer ready and see how fast you can solve them.

Puzzle One

Puzzle Two

Puzzle Three

Okay, if you’re ready to look at the solutions, click over to page two.

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