This ‘Dirty Dancing’ Swing Routine Has The Crowd Going Crazy

What is the latest dance style that you can remember? There is no doubt that those dances tend to come and go and sometimes, they may disappear so quickly that we don’t really get the chance to perfect them. I can think of some from long ago, such as the Freddie or the twist and then more recently, the whip na na. The fact is, there are far too many dances to really name them all.

Sometimes, there is a dance style that stays around for a long time and that is the case with swing dancing. When done properly, it can be fantastic to watch and a lot of fun to take part in. Bianca Locatelli and Nils Andren are a couple that does it flawlessly and when you watch them swing dancing, you are going to want to join right in. They travel around the world competing, performing and teaching swing dance routines. They have won more routines than you could probably count.

Perhaps you’re wondering how a dance couple could leave such an impression. You are about to have that answered with an amazing video. It took place at the Rock That Swing festival at the Deutsches Theater München in Munich, Germany.

Bianca started dancing when she was only six years old and she has done everything from street dancing to ballet. Eventually, she decided to focus on swing but Nils started dancing at a much older age.

“I tried ice hockey, it’s not my thing. I tried soccer, not my thing. I tried a lot of things.” He was still looking for something to do when he came across a dance teacher in school. She talked him into competing in a dance competition and he learned the boogie-woogie. He won the competition!

Bianca and Nils started dancing together in 2013. Ever since that time, they have been amazing audiences and this performance at the Munich Festival is going viral on YouTube. It is set to the song Hey! Baby. Perhaps you are familiar with the song because of seeing Jennifer Grey dancing with Patrick Swayze to this song on Dirty Dancing.

People can’t say enough good about this routine:

“My teenage daughter is now “hooked” on your videos. Just as I do, my daughter loves all the styles of dance from the different eras. I’m now having to go backward and find all of your past performances throughout the years. Thank you for keeping the love of all styles of dancing alive!”

Just wait until you see the performance in this video!:

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