The ‘Ugliest’ Sibling Laughed When She Became A Supermodel

It can be difficult when you don’t quite fit in with your siblings. Even if you are close to them, if you do not live up to their expectations or even their appearance, it can shape you for the rest of your life.

That is what happened to Bella Hadid, who is well known for her abilities as an actress and as a supermodel. She is considered to be a model of femininity and beauty that others try to emulate. When she first started out, however, she was unsure about her looks.

Bella had a difficult time maintaining the physique necessary for runway shows when she was first getting started as a model. People would be critical and comment about her body online, which affected her in a very strong way. Even though she has worked with Victoria’s Secret and other well-known brands, she feels that her insecurity has affected her ability to move forward.

They also compared her to GG, her sister who was also a model. This also affected her self-esteem, leading to her doubting herself and feeling overshadowed and less attractive than her sister.

It got so bad that when she was only 14 years old, she had a nose job and she later regretted having it done. You only have one chance in life to take full advantage of your natural features, and she feels as if she missed out.

Because of the negative talk of many online, she struggled with her mental health and went through bouts of depression and anxiety. Even though she seemed strong on the outside, she was struggling on the inside.

These days, Bella is more of a confident individual and does not buckle when people speak negatively about her and her appearance. She says that her body is a sacred area, saying that her well-being is more important than others’ expectations.

She also is very open about the difficulties she faced with health problems, including Lyme disease. Her experiences with anxiety and how social media had an impact on her mental health have helped many to understand that they are not alone.

It got to the point where she decided to step away from social media in 2021 and focus on her well-being. She did a lot of reading, followed her love of horses and came out stronger as a result. She now encourages those who follow her on social media to persevere with any mental health difficulties they face.

They sometimes say that beauty is only skin deep but I think in her case, it is all the way to her soul.