The Breakup Of Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Has Begun

Hollywood romance is not often thought of as being a long term commitment. In fact, many people will look at a Hollywood marriage and wonder how long it is going to last.

This includes how many people felt when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in 2022. It was a rather quickly put-together ceremony in Las Vegas, and it seemed as if the two of them were doing well.

More recent reports, however, show that they are on the verge of a breakup. This may be rumors in some cases, but there are also indications that it may be happening right before our eyes.

Of course, when you are a celebrity, it’s difficult to stay out of the public eye. Paparazzi have been photographing Ben Affleck leaving a home that he is occupying on his own. There are also reports that he is no longer staying with his wife, Jennifer Lopez, on the same property.

The same sources say that he has been staying at that home in Brentwood, Los Angeles, without having his wife, Lopez along with him. Spending the night away from your wife when there is no good reason to do so may be an indication that problems are occurring.

There was also a report recently by someone close to both of them who said that they are done as a couple. Affleck may have moved out of their home in Beverly Hills and although it’s not fully confirmed, it does seem as if that is the case as now he is staying in Brentwood.

Even though they may be splitting up, they are still wearing their wedding rings at this time. Both of them are seen out and about on their own, but it is Ben who is most noticeably gone, especially at the Met Gala last week.

There was a good reason why he may have been absent from that event, however, that is because he has been on set fielding The Accountant 2. Despite the fact that he may have missed the Met Gala, he didn’t miss the Tom Brady roast, which was just the night before.

Something else that may indicate problems is that Lopez was seen househunting earlier this week along with her producing partner. People may have thought that she was looking for a home for her and Ben, but now they are speculating that it may be a home just for her.

It has been March since the couple was seen out in public together and that was in New York City. No photographs have been taken of them together since that time.

One thing we know for sure is that Ben Affleck is living in Brentwood, close to the area where his ex-wife and mother of his three children Jennifer Garner lives, He has been attending events for his children with her, which could explain his decision to stay in Brentwood.

At this time, we will just have to wait and see what happens as there has been no official statement by either side.