Tell Me What You See First And I’ll Reveal Your Deepest Thoughts

Optical illusions are something that many of us appreciate and we may even look for them to pass the time. The Internet has drawn our attention to many of these optical illusions, including some that we may never have seen before.

These fascinating drawings really cause us to question what we are seeing because they are a different reality for different people. Sometimes we may see one thing but when we look closely, we may see something else.

Enjoy these optical illusions because they may just tell you something about yourself.

1. What animal do you see?

This picture is a matter of perspective, both of the world that we see around us and then what we see on the inside. What is it that you see first?

If you see a duck first, you are probably an extrovert and you love being around people. You also tend to be outgoing at large get-togethers and work well under pressure.

On the other hand, if you see the rabbit first, you probably hold back when it comes to following your dreams. You will follow the rules more often than not and you tend to be off to yourself whenever possible.

2. Do you see the face or the vase?

If you see a face first, or more particularly, a pair of faces, you probably see beyond what is right in front of you. You may be able to see the details, but you tend to be a big picture person.

This solution was developed by Danish psychologist and philosopher Edgar John Rubin.

3. Young or old?

You may have difficulty discerning what you are seeing in this picture. Some people see a young woman looking away and others see an old man with a big nose taking a nap.

If you see the woman first, then you probably have an adventurous spirit and are looking to the future with optimism. If you see the old man, you tend to over think almost anything in life.

4. Young or Old Again

They sometimes say that age is only a number. Some people see a young woman in this image but others see an old woman.

If you see the young woman first, then you probably are still a young person or our young at heart. If you are older, then you probably see the old woman.