Taking A Trip Back To The Golden Age Of Flying

When many of us travel, we consider the mode of travel that will work best for us. Although there are many options available, flying is one of the most convenient because it is quick and sometimes easy.

Then again, most people tend to complain about flying, not because it is difficult but because there is so much involved with it. We live in a time when you have to pay for everything, from every bag to any extras that you may want.

It wasn’t always that way, however, and during the Golden age of flying, things were quite pleasant when you were on a flight. That period, which started from the late 1940s until the 1970s was a time when people considered flying to be a luxury and only the prestigious were able to do so.

There were many reasons to be happy about the flight, including spacious seats, a staff that was well mannered and well dressed, beautiful meals, and a lot of adventure involved.

An aviation historian, Graham M. Simons spoke about the Golden age of airflight. He said it was a fast, luxurious, and smooth process. People who were on board the plane could enjoy all of the champagne they wanted, cocktail lounges, and plenty of room in the seats.

There were even many people who dressed up for the flight, which is quite in contrast to what we see today.

Then again, there were difficulties with flying, including booking the ticket. Since the Internet wasn’t available, you would have to go through a travel agent or another difficult option in order to purchase the ticket.

The prices were also much higher, with a price to fly from Chicago to Phoenix in 1955 of around $138. That may not sound like much, but adjusted for inflation, it is about $1200 today.

Flying amenities were also something to consider, as there were plenty of options available. Of course, there were rules but they were less strict so passengers could enjoy their time on the plane. Then again, they were expected to dress in a tie and jacket.

The flight attendants were truly a sight back in the early days of flight. They had to adhere to a very strict code of appearance and standards of behavior. During the 1960s, the uniforms became even more revealing.

So the next time you complain about flying, remember that we have come a long way. It was a great day back then, but it is a great day today as well.