Suspicious Wife Washes Her Husband’s Pillow And Discovers His Buried Treasure

Most of the secrets spouses keep from each other are pretty harmless. For example, a husband might hide a bag of Oreos from his wife if they are on a diet or not tell her he doesn’t like a certain meal she cooks. But, other than earth-shattering secrets like an affair or fathering a child with another woman, most guys have very ordinary “secrets.” But, one woman named Lin recently discovered a shocking secret one day while washing her hubby’s favorite pillow.

The couple reportedly lives in china, and on one Sunday morning, Lin decided it was time to clean house, which also meant washing all the bed linens and pillows.

However, when she removed her husband’s pillow from the case, Lin discovered something rather odd.

You see, Lin bought her husband this pillow some time ago, and he still uses it. In fact, it’s the only pillow he sleeps on. According to the company that makes the pillow, the inner core of the pillow is made out of rubber.

But, for some reason, Lin always had a sneaking suspicion about her husband’s fondness for the pillow.

Until the day she took off the pillow cover and immediately found that the pillow had a few air holes inside the core.

But, the most suspicious thing was how some holes were larger than others.

Looking a bit more closely, Lin was floored.

It turns out that in the filled holes were rolled up hidden currency. It was her husband’s secret treasure chest!

It looks like he didn’t want his wife finding out about his private savings account, so the sneaky husband hid his extra dollars away in his pillow.

What he didn’t count on was his wife ever washing the pillow!

What do you think she did with the money? Let us know in the comments, and please be sure to pass this story on to your friends and family.

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