Sad News For Young And Restless Star

We have had a lot of difficult news in recent months about stars who had parts in popular soap operas. Today, we also have news about one of those stars, and he is going through a very difficult time.

Jordi Vilasuso is well known for the parts he played in Days of Our Lives, and The Young and the Restless. He and his wife, Kaitlin Vilasuso are going through a very difficult time.

This was supposed to be the highlight of their life. They welcomed a baby girl, Lucy, but it wasn’t long before things turned in the wrong direction. On January 6, he posted pictures on Instagram sharing the family’s joy at the new child.

He said: “Truly never thought this day would come- as evidenced by my complete lack of preparation for this little bundle… I literally had not bought a thing.”

Prior to the time that Kaitlin was pregnant with Lucy, she had lost other babies. Jordi understood this, saying: “This little girl in my arms is proof that God’s promises are greater than our fears, no matter how big those fears are. I see you, I have been you, I am praying for you. Hold onto your hope.”

On January 26, an update was posted on Instagram by the mother and she was asking for prayers. She said: “We found out Monday that Lucy had RSV and by Monday night she had been admitted to the hospital w/ difficulty breathing. Last night, things unexpectedly took a turn for the worse and she was moved to NICU w/ what the doctors described as a partially collapsed right lung.”

The couple has been together since 2012. They have two other daughters, Riley Grace and Everly Maeve.

We wish the family the best during this difficult time.