Rob Schneider Is Forced To Leave Stage Because Of ‘Offensive Jokes’

One of the most difficult things a comedian could ever go through is telling a series of jokes that don’t land. It would be a very uncomfortable situation, and it could even get you removed from the stage.

This isn’t only something that happens to amateurs, even professional comedians can sometimes fall short of the mark. Just ask Rob Schneider, a comedian who has been around for many years. Recently, he was forced to leave the stage while performing at the Four Seasons Ball fundraiser.

According to one of the attendees at the event, he told jokes that were transphobic, and misogynistic, and he threw in some anti-vax jokes as well. He wasn’t even able to finish his set before he was told to end his performance early.

It was no secret that he was against vaccinations, as he has been public about this since 2012. He spreads claims that the vaccines are associated with autism, despite the fact that it has been refuted scientifically many times.

In 2023, he also spoke out against a TikTok influencer who is transgender. He accused him of gender appropriation.

During the set, the description was that: “Everyone in the room was groaning, saying, ‘what is going on question’ like, whispering to themselves.”

They went on to say that there was not a single laugh at times. Everyone seemed to feel uncomfortable and was not accepting the things he was talking about in his jokes.

According to a spokesperson for the foundation, they do recognize that we live in a free society of individuals who are entitled to their views and opinions. They also expressed that comedy is known for being edgy, but the opinions expressed by Schneider did not align with their own.

The foundation also apologized unconditionally to the guests and its community immediately after the performance. Some of those in attendance said that they should have checked his background and views before booking him.

In the end, the event was a success and raised $350,000 for the foundation.