Pentatonix Gives The World Chills When They Sing ‘The Sound Of Silence’

There are certain songs that just seem to give us chills, each and every time we hear them. We may have been listening to the song for many years but when it starts playing on the radio, even if we heard it the day before, it’s almost like we are listening to our favorite song that we haven’t heard in years. Suddenly, we are lost in the tune and the lyrics are carrying us to places that we have not been in a long time. Yes, music has the ability to move us and it can make us feel good when we are feeling bad or make us more thoughtful when we are on top of our game. That is sure to be your experience when you hear this song.

Like many people, you probably enjoy hearing Simon and Garfunkel singing ‘The Sound of Silence’. After all, it’s one of those songs that just seems to speak to us directly. When we hear it, it’s almost as if it was written exactly for us at that very moment. It also happens to be a song that many performers have redone over the years, and Pentatonix is included in the mix. They are an a cappella group that has the ability to give people chills from the moment they start any song. It’s obvious that when they sing the song as powerful as The Sound of Silence, it is going to take things over the top.

The video itself is relatively simple. It shows the five members of the group standing in what appears to be a warehouse and they are singing. Their voices blend together, however, and is almost as if they are one person rather than being five individuals.

There are many opportunities we have in life to be moved from the heart. This is one of those opportunities. Allow Pentatonix to carry you away and take you to a special place as you watch this video.