New Grandpa Meets His Infant Grandson for the First and Tragically for the Last Time

A woman recently shared the harrowing story about her father’s first and last meeting with his new grandson. According to Destinee Elizabeth, her dad was by no means a perfect man. He had his demons which eventually caught up with him. But, she still loved her dad and wished for people to know that his life did have value, despite his alcohol addiction.

She noted how her father was regarded as the town drunkard and was often mocked, looked down on, and bullied in her post.

However, she explained that people fail or just don’t wish to understand that addiction is a complicated ailment with no cure, and no matter how hard or how many times some tries to quit, they can never entirely escape it.

Destinee will always cherish the special moment her dad meet her little Eden for the first time.

She also wished to send judgmental people a message about the downtrodden struggling with their addictions.

You can learn more about the realities of alcoholism in this TED talk video featuring Sarah Drage as she shares the deeply personal story of her father’s fatal struggle with his addiction.

Thanks for reading. Please be sure to pass this important message on to your friends and family. Together we can make a difference.

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