Mother Jaguar Eats First Cub Born By Artificial Insemination

The world of science is always doing something interesting and if you pay attention, you might be surprised with what you see.

Something interesting that recently happened in Brazil was the birth of a Jaguar cub. It why is something that took a long time, and it was a breakthrough for scientific research because the endangered species was born using artificial insemination.

Unfortunately, the young cub has died but the death is something that is surprising to many people. After successfully being born through artificial insemination, the mother Jaguar ate her own cub.

This may seem shocking, but it is actually relatively common in nature, especially when it is a carnivore species.

The 5-year-old mother was artificially inseminated and 104 days later, the little cup was born. According to a spokesman, the cub died after two days.

The spokesman went on to say: “We don’t know why and cannot say if it was killed by the mother because it was not seen on the monitors on the second day.

“Bianca was a first-time mother and this may have influenced the outcome of the event.

“The veterinary team could not conduct a necropsy because the baby had already been eaten.”

A video was shown of the birth, along with some footage of the veterinarian sedating the healthy male and extracting the specimen that was used to reproduce.

Bianca was only one of the five female Jaguars that participated in the experiment. Unfortunately, it did not end well but they will likely try again.