Mom Gets Disinvited To Son’s Wedding After His Fiancée Sees Her Dress

The wedding day is one that most of us will remember as being one of the happiest days of our lives. We try to do everything that we can to prepare for that day and to ensure that it goes off without a hitch. That is the case for many of us but, unfortunately, weddings also have a unique ability to bring out the worst in people. Perhaps that is best illustrated through an experience that one woman had in conjunction with the wedding of her son and his fiancée.

The woman talked about this on social media and said that her son and his fiancée had one of those whirlwind romances and were preparing to get married in the fall. The mom was happy for them and went to buy a new dress but her son said that the base of the dress, which was cream, went against his fiancée’s wishes. She agreed that she would change the dress but the fiancé was not happy and has disinvited her to the wedding. The mother was wondering if she was being unreasonable.

She asked other parents to comment on the situation in a popular forum. She was wondering if she was being unreasonable for being upset.

“To say I’m upset is an understatement and he has not been in touch,” she added.

She posted a picture and the dress was cream with pink and gray flowers.

Many said that the future daughter-in-law in the family was out of line.

One even said that she was on her side and also “feel sorry for your son, to be honest.”

One mother wanted her to stand her ground because “pandering to her seems wrong.”

“Hopefully your son will see sense and not allow it,” said another.

There were also some who thought that she might be leaving out a few facts.

One person wrote in to say that there is probably much more than “this dress issue”

Another talked about her resistance to picking out a new dress. Why would she wait so long?

Somebody offered a straightforward answer, maybe she doesn’t like her future daughter-in-law.

It’s hard to know where the truth lies but perhaps it would be best for her to get in touch with both of them and to set matters straight. It’s better to go in another dress than not to go at all.

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