Missing 9-Yr-Old Girl From ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Is Now Found

One of the most tragic things that can happen in life is to lose someone that is close to you. Unfortunately, this happens on occasion when children go missing and there is evil intent behind it.

This happened six years ago when a woman named Heather Unbehaun was accused of abducting her daughter in Illinois. After quite some time, she has turned herself in and the high-profile case has ended.

Unbehaun is in custody in Illinois and facing charges. She is being held without bail at this time.

Just a few days before turning herself in, Kayla Unbehaun was found in North Carolina safe. She has been returned to her custodial father.

At the same time, her mother, Heather, was arrested in North Carolina on a fugitive warrant from Illinois. At first, she was held for a $250,000 bond and released after posting bail.

It started on July 4, 2017, one Kayla was taken after a parade near her home. Heather told the father that they were going camping but they never came back again. That is when a felony warrant was issued.

In Asheville, somebody recognized Kayla from the Unsolved Mysteries Netflix series. They got in touch with the authorities and the case was then solved.