Man Sits On Empty Flight And Is Furious When One Person Came In And Sat Down

I think that all of us who have ever been on a plane have experienced some type of difficulty. It is a very convenient way to travel, but all you have to do is look at some online videos to realize that there are sometimes problems that occur.

If you happen to deny somebody a seat that doesn’t belong to them or if you have a baby that is crying, you are likely to end up as a viral video on TikTok. Some of it seems rather petty, as we have experienced these sort of things for years but there is one person who posted something on social media that has people talking.

Anthony Thomas is a chef who went on Twitter (X) on February 13 to share something that took many people by surprise. He was seated in a window seat near the front of the plane on a Southwest flight, and took a selfie.

In the image, you see another passenger on the same side of the Iowa’s Thomas but sitting eight rows back and at the opposite window. There was also a third passenger on the plane, otherwise it was empty.

It was the location of the third passenger that has people so upset. Even though the entire plane was empty and you could sit anywhere you wanted, he decided to sit directly behind Thomas.

Thomas left the caption: “Imagine having the luxury of boarding a flight with only two passengers on it.

“Of all the seats on the flight, look where he decided to sit.”

The comments on X were full of people who couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They had a mixture of both comments that show disbelief, along with many that had a good sense of humor, despite the fact that they disagreed vehemently with where the man sat.

Interestingly, there were also some who took the side of the man sitting behind him, saying that perhaps he had some anxiety and just wanted to be near someone else.