Little Girl Who Cries Upon Meeting Her Baby Brother, Is Stunned By Unexpected Return of Her Soldier Dad

Welcoming a new baby into a family is an occasion for celebration, but it can also be a pretty powerful moment for young children who can feel overwhelmed with so many emotions at once. Sometimes big sisters and brothers are more eager and anxious about the arrival of their new siblings than their parents. In this story, a little girl named Kisence is so happy to meet her new baby brother that she becomes totally overcome with emotion. However, that wasn’t the only surprise in store for her that day. it seems like she had no idea she would feel so moved and delighted to meet her baby brother.

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One of the reasons Kaydnce was so surprised was because her brother was not due to arrive for at least another week, so she thought she would have a long wait. And as we know, for kids, a week can feel like an eternity. However, after going to the hospital to visit her mom, she noticed her baby brother lying in his bassinet in her hospital room, looking as adorable as could be. When the little girl first enters the room, she runs over to give her mom a big hug before she’s told to turn around. At that point, Kaydence is floored to see her baby brother, and the emotions become too much for her to hold in as she begins crying. Her cheeks are still wet with tears as she talks about how beautiful and precious her baby brother is. Her mom does her best to calm Kaydence down, but that point fully opens the floodgates.

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While trying to calm her little girl, the mom begins to cry herself. And just when everyone’s emotions reach a fever pitch, her mom announces one more big surprise. As Kaydence turns around to the door, she captures the sight of her dad smiling at her from the doorway. Kaydence’s father was on deployment in Afghanistan, and she had no idea she would be seeing him anytime soon.

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She was told that he could not come home for another four months. It turns out he had special permission to visit his son.

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Kaydence immediately jumps into her dad’s waiting arms and holds on to him for dear life. She made it clear that she never wanted to let him go again. It was one of the most joyous days in this little girl’s life, one she’ll remember for the rest of her days. You can watch Kaydence’s heartwarming video below.

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