Justin Bieber And Kim Kardashian Will Never Own A Ferrari

If there’s one thing we know about celebrities, it’s the fact that they enjoy buying expensive items. In some cases, this includes expensive cars and the sky is the limit as far as money is concerned.

One of the high-end vehicles that many celebrities try to obtain is a Ferrari. The Italian vehicle is said to be one of the best vehicles in the world, and they come at a cost.

Of course, many celebrities, including Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian could easily afford a Ferrari but they may never have one in their collection. According to reports, they have been banned from purchasing Ferraris by the company.

Of course, it may be possible for the celebrity to get beyond this by purchasing a company and having the company buy the car for them. There may be other ways around it, but the Italian car manufacturer has been clear about its thoughts on the matter.

They love their own vehicles and they don’t want to see them modified to the point where the look and feel of the vehicle is ruined. The Cardassians and Justin Bieber are just two of the celebrities who have a reputation for overdoing it when it comes to modifications.

At one point, Justin Bieber did own a Ferrari 458 Italia F1 Edition but the company wasn’t happy because of the modifications he made. It went against one of the 15 rules that Ferrari owners must follow, including no unauthorized modifications.

The report said that Bieber took the car to a custom shop and got the entire thing wrapped in electric blue. He also changed the wheels and the steering wheel logo.

50 Cent, the rapper, is also someone that managed to make the blacklist. He criticized the car after the battery died in 2020, and he had to have it towed. That is another rule of car owners that they must promote the brand, and he broke that rule.

Kim Kardashian may be a well-known reality TV star, but she is also well-known for customizing cars to the extreme. She also got banned because she did now take care of the car in the way the carmaker wanted.

She may also have made the blacklist because she was gifted a Ferrari in 2011, which may have gone against the rules.

Floyd Mayweather Junior also sold a Ferrari within a year of purchasing it. Ferrari does not allow resale on certain vehicles that early, and you must wait for the timeframe before reselling it.

That may be why Mayweather is also on the blacklist because he broke the rules.