Jono Lancaster Provides Proof That Anything Is Possible

We sometimes look to others for a little inspiration, especially when we are having a difficult time in life. Their success can often turn out to be our success, especially when they take serious problems and turn them into true success.

One individual who was able to do that is Jono Lancaster. He is a person, just like all of us, but when he was born in 1985 in England, he didn’t look like the other babies at the hospital.

The difference in looks was due to a rare genetical disorder, Treacher Collins syndrome. It resulted in his facial bones developing asymmetrically, which is different than most babies.

The doctors informed the parents about the diagnosis, also letting them know that he would likely never talk or walk. Unfortunately, his parents were not up to the challenge and they abandoned him.

Jono said: “When I was born, my parents were in total shock. I was out of the hospital 36 hours after I was born. Social services found someone to look after me. The foster carer was a lady called Jean.”

His parents put him up for adoption and then left forever. Social services was called at that time, and a woman raised Jono. That woman, Jean, was not alarmed by what she saw in the little boy. In fact, she said that she felt an instant bond when she held him in her arms.

Over the years, Jonah was given the love that a child should be given. Despite that, he became aware of the differences quickly when he went to school.

Jono said: “We live in a world where success is about getting ahead and trying not to stand out too much. Because if you don’t fit in or are a little different from others, you’re considered ”odd” or ”abnormal.”

It’s a sad view of life, and it puts too much emphasis on how we look and how we compare to our peers.”

Jonah went through a rebellious phase as a teenager to get attention. He drank alcohol and tried to get people to like him by giving them sweets. In reality, he felt very alone.

That is when he decided to turn his life in a different direction to be a force for good and to help others. Jono is now 36 years old and he devoted his life to helping people worldwide who also have the same condition as him.

He meets with children to support them in their parents. He is also an inspirational speaker, often talking about Treacher Collins syndrome with others.

“My parents still want nothing to do with me,” he says. “What’s changed is my attitude, and that’s what’s so powerful. […] I wouldn’t change any of it. My attitude was more disabling than anything. With the right attitude, you can achieve anything.”

Jono was also able to find love, as a woman named Laura accepted him for who he was on the inside and appreciated the way that he spread positivity.

They hope to have children together, although any child they have does have a 50% chance of having Treacher Collins as well. If they do, they will be well cared for by a father who knows how to inspire others.